Become A Partner/Sponsor

Do you share the same objectives as we do with regards to the future of sport in Kenya?

Are you looking to invest in an on – going, sustainable project that will help the development of Kenya’s children?

If so, KESOFO is seeking sponsorship in order to manage and develop our sport-based projects and programs. We are always searching for corporate investment into the mass participation market.

We need your support for the following:

  1. Sport coaching programmes
  2. Upgrading of facilities
  3. Sports apparel and clothing, food, transportation etc
  4. Educational bursaries – give tomorrow’s sporting heroes the best opportunity.

Benefits you will receive

In turn you receive the following Benefits:

  1. Full naming rights-Corporate Social Responsibility: Goodwill associated with addressing “social concerns” at grassroots level through a unique sporting project
  2. Extensive media coverage of festivals on television, radio and national newspapers
  3. Excellent opportunity to work with various Government departments including the Department of Health; Education; Sport and Recreation; Social Development and Community Safety.
  4. Visibility and branding at mass participation festivals
  5. Logo printed on all participants and coaches t-shirts
  6. Huge following at junior and senior level

We touch the lives of thousands children throughout Kenya as we continue to make a difference to our Nation.

Partner with us

Help us make a positive impact in the community and join us in our activities. Fill in your details below to express your interest.


    The Kenya Community Sports Foundation (KESOFO), is a non-governmental sporting organization that uses the medium of sport to effect social change with a special emphasis on youth transformation